Starry Fall Foliage in South Korea

Among the many images I have taken, this is the one which shows the individual maple leaves quite clearly.

The leaves looks like stars to me; constellation of red stars in the infinite cosmos.DSCF3444

The maple leaves in South Korea seem to have a smaller size and a distinct color which may not be found in other countries ( the ones in Japan are quite similar though).

Or they look like diamonds in the sky  – reminding me of the Beatles’ song ” Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.

45 thoughts on “Starry Fall Foliage in South Korea

    • I was thinking what title to put on the post. . . . I like the starry look of the leaves and hence the title. many thanks for being the first one to respond to my post 🙂

  1. Oh, they do look like little stars … in red and pink and gold! Thank you for reminding me about Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds I loved the whole Sgt Pepper album … my brother got it for me for Christmas when it first came out. 😀 I love how your pictures are, at first, stunningly beautiful to look at, and then they make me think of all sorts of things.

  2. Our maple trees were the first to change color and range from red to orange to yellow (I suspect depending on location, sun exposure, etc). I’ve always wondered what causes the different colors on different trees – many of the oaks are sporting a bronze color and are the last ones to still have their leaves.

  3. Michael, this photo is gorgeous as are all of yours, it seems. Your blog has been a continual source of inspiration and excellence for me to aspire to. I hope you will come to my blog birthday party on Saturday in honor of my 365th daily post – your visits to my blog have been such an encouragement to me during the most difficult year of my life. Here’s more on the online party (you can edit this link out if you wish) I would have sent it to you via email but didn’t have your address. Thanks again!

    • Hi Julia, in fact, what you have gone through is truly an inspiration to me . You must be a prolific writer! I only write this number of posts in about 20 months, most of them are short too. Hope I will make time and come to your blog party. Congratulations and happy birthday 🙂

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