68 comments on “Too Beautiful to be Real – Fall Foliage in South Korea

  1. This foliage is exquisite. I can feel the chill snap in the air that produced these vibrant colors. The damp mist adds to the feeling. Thanks for sharing your very enjoyable photographs.

  2. Living in the desert means I often miss my favourite season. I get to experience a little of fall through your photos, thank you.

    • Even in other regions, Autumn seems to be getting shorter and the timing for color foliage is more variable. Hope you enjoy Autumn through my photos!

  3. Yes ,one can hardly believe it. This shows how wonderful is the earth we are living and we should protect it by any means.

  4. Wow! I’m lucky enough to have seen some beautiful autumn shades here in England but these put everything else I’ve experienced to shame. Wonderful stuff – thank you so much for sharing. Cheers. Lindsey

    • I have seen poetic views of foliage in the UK; one of my earlier posts contain foliage and leaves covered ground with soft light penetrating the trees in Kew gardens. However, I must admit what I have seen in S Korea is the best. Thank you:-)

    • Hi, thanks very much. However, I have decided not to be nominated or receive any awards. Thanks for thinking of me, your nomination is very much appreciated. Regards, Michael

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