Autumn Leaves in South Korea

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower . . . . . . Albert Camus

Our trip to South Korea was like a trip to a wonderland where leaves of all colors ranging from green, yellow, gold, brown, pink and red were in full bloom, just like flowers on the trees.

We strolled through several scenic areas like Mt. Maisan, Daejungsan and   Daedunsan.  Enchanted by what we saw, we wouldn’t waste any time to capture some of the prettiest foliage images I have ever came across.DSCF3351

Some of the small maple leaves reminded me of  Christmas which is quickly approaching.DSCF3349

Some of them are pinkish and mixed with other colors.DSCF3398

Others are just pinkish.DSCF3400

One of them was taken with a blur palace building in the background.DSCF3476

While many of the maple leaves in South Korea seem to have a smaller size, I also spotted some which are more conventional and red in color. These two leaves look as if they are sitting terribly lonely on a bench.DSCF3557

It was indeed a feast for the eyes. . . . . . . . . . .  Autumn is a season for painters, poets, song writers and of course, photographers!

55 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves in South Korea

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful! We live in Kentucky USA and we have had a brilliant season change this year. Our daughter came in from Florida for a week and took hundreds of pictures of the leaves and countryside. She left on Wednesday morning and that night we had a thunderstorm and when we woke up all of the leaves were laying in our back yard. I told her that God must think she was pretty special to hold off the storm until she could get a little bit of home to take back with her.

  2. I can’t express how much your writing as well as your photos mean to me. Thanks so much for the quote from Camus as well as your creative perspective – especially the lonely leaves on the bench. Maybe they are grandparent and grandchild sharing the view and not lonely at all. 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouraging comment. The red leaves do really stand out on the bench. You maybe right, the two leaves may just be grandparent and grandchild sitting there enjoying the view 🙂

  3. Beautiful! I just read an article that explained why the leaves get these vibrant colors. The trees withdraw the chlorophyll (the green pigment) from the leaves that they are about to get rid of and store it under the bark for the winter to use it again in spring. Nature is so fascinating!

  4. What a great quote you’ve included, I’d never come across that one before. As a Canadian, I’m familiar with our faithful maple leaf. So it may surprise you that it doesn’t grow well where I live. Some varieties do, but not the super colourful ones. Such a shame because they certainly put on a show.

  5. Such beautiful colors. My maples here in Oklahoma don’t have this kind of color and most of the leaves have been chewed on my those darn grasshoppers! I also love the quote! Great images! Thanks you for taking me on all your travels! I get to see the most amazing things through your eyes and camera!

  6. Wow! such lovely pictures of autumn in Korea. Hope to go with friends this November 2014.
    Will it be too late in the last week in November. Will we be able to still see the lovely autumn
    colours. Hope to be able to capture the beauty of nature as you have done. It brings me much
    joy . Well done!

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