A Bridge into Autumn, South Korea

We crossed over a few bridges during our walks in Naejangsan and Daedunsan.DSCF3352

They seemed to be gateways into Autumn; gateways to the lovely fall foliage.DSCF3343

The pictures would have been even more attractive if there were water under the bridges. However, at this time of the year, the river/ streams are usually dry.DSCF3377

The views are already so picturesque, don’t think we can ask for more!

76 thoughts on “A Bridge into Autumn, South Korea

  1. As you said, Michael, the pictures would look really good with water. However, there’s a certain beauty to the rocks in the riverbed. I’ve truly enjoyed the fall leaves you featured in your last four or five posts. They remind me that things on the other side of the world are not so different from what they are here in New York State.

  2. It does seem like heaven on earth Michael and you’ve captured it all so perfectly with your camera and eye for composition. I’ve always loved a stone bridge. Looks like a place where fairytales happen.

    • The problem with traveling is that you are never sure that you will have WiFi available. Apologize that I have not been publishing for about a week. I am glad that you like my work! Regards, Michael

  3. Pauline my pommiepal has commented that we were there.
    I photographed that bridge from the same position. I wonder how many other times our paths have crossed.
    Nice seeing your superb photos.
    I am especially interested in South Korea it holds many great memories.

    • Einstein sees this world as space and time – it seems that we have been to the same space but at different time. I hope one day we can be at the same place and time and we recognize each other!

    • Quite true. The Chinese always ascribe happenings to fate – if we have the fate, we will meet; without it even if we are at the same place / time, we will not recognize each other!

    • I have a book Changing Destiny, a commentary on Liaofan;s four lessons. by Master Chjn Kung.
      We will have to be observant in our travels Michael.
      I will say Ni hau or G’day every time I see someone that looks like you.

    • You must be knowledgeable about the Oriental culture.
      Yes, I will be observant in my travels. If I spot somebody like you, apart from saying G’day, I will also say WordPress to see if there is any response!

    • Some of our culture was lost in the Cultural Revolution; some are fading out – replaced by western cultures and values. Hope that the better part of our culture will still survive. Regards, Michael

    • The west is becoming more aware of your cultural ethics.
      While china becomes more westernised.
      I hope they can temper those western ways with the best of your culture. Kind regards Jack.

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