Scenery by the Brook, South Korea

There is only a narrow time window for viewing the fall foliage.DSCF3337
We were blessed to have visited South Korea when the fall foliage was at its peak.DSCF3344
Wherever we went, we were greeted by vivid colors of the leaves.DSCF3345
Continuing on with our stroll, we passed by many beautiful spots.

The scenery by the brook was particularly lovely. In summer, the brook would be full of water but then the leaves would no longer be colorful.DSCF3502
We walked and walked along, as if we were enjoying Beethoven’s Pastoral – Scenery by the Brook in our earsΒ . . . . . .
The views were just so enchanting !

69 thoughts on “Scenery by the Brook, South Korea

  1. I just live the tree in the last shot. I grew up in New England, US, and the trees there, like this one, show their most interesting sides when the leaves start to fall.

  2. This is absolutely stunning. The trees have been lovely here this year as well. Sometimes the trees are so lovely that photography can hardly do them justice, but I believe you have achieved it here!

    • It is quite true that views in person and the associated with impression / moods cannot be replaced by photography but photography is an inexpensive way to convey the essence. Many thanks, Michael

  3. I am tempted to say: ‘divine’ – can I ? it looks like a fairy tale … and the photographer (you) surely knows how to capture the spirit of such places.

  4. Only a few days to capture the autumn colour; the same here in Scotland. The Japanese maple in our garden turns bright red and loses its leaves in two or three days!

    Lovely set of photos; only see that concentration of maples in gardens here…not in the wild.

    • Yes, we have more time capturing the colors of Spring blossom than the colors of the Autumn leaves – we were indeed fortunate. The foliage we saw this year seems the best. thanks for the perusal and comment πŸ™‚

  5. You have posted so many striking images from your South Korea visit, it got me wondering… how many photos did you take on that trip? When you stepped into all that beauty, you must have been clicking away constantly! As always, you got great shots.

    • yes, I have taken quite a few pictures; also, I have been enjoying the scenery without excessively occupying myself with shooting. There is a fine balance between enjoying the scenery there and afterwards going through the images. I also spent time looking around for good scenery and see how to compose them. It was good fun. Thank you, Tom πŸ™‚

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