Night and Day, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I like the few lines in the song New York, New York:

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,
Come on come through, New York, New York.

As one who was born and now based in Hong Kong, I particularly like the skyline of Hong Kong.DSCF2041

If you don’t mind, maybe, I would change the lyrics to:

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,
Come on come through, Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

The night view of the skyline of Hong Kong is fascinating.DSCF2021

Originally, I was thinking of participating in this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Light with the night picture. But, on going through my archive, I would like to show the loveliness of the skyline in both night-time and day time.

Many of us are familiar with the night-time view, with the sparkling light emitting from the buildings; but the skyline with cloudy sky in the day time is also captivating.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong!

58 thoughts on “Night and Day, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  1. Hong Kong is one of my favourite cities and it never fails to excite me when you see the view from the Harbour at night. Lovely to see it during the day as you have shown as well. Beautiful photos.

  2. Love the photos Michael – and they bring back wonderful memories of visits there. I especially like the night lights shot. We came back late one night from an island outing and I was in awe of the lights and skyline. A real treat… Coral

    • The outlying islands are beautiful too. I once took a large cruise which go round the HK island. I was fascinated the whole trip, but as you say when it was getting dark and the lights are turned on, the view was just remarkable. Thank you, Carol!

  3. I love these photos and that you’re changing the lyrics of New York, New York to suit you. I feel somewhat like that about the city of Chicago. I just love that skyline and I’ve done work there for many years.

  4. I echo some comments above: it is enjoyable & instructive to see night/day comparison shots. And I agree with you: a cloudy sky has all the magic of its many nuances, if only we take time to look, to see, and to appreciate it.

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