Seoul – Before and After Dark

Seoul, no doubt, formed an interesting part of our trip to South Korea.

In our hour’s stay near N Seoul tower, overlooking Seoul, there was quite a change in scenery before and after dark.DSCF3514

I like the scenery after dark; the capital was sparkling with lights when viewed between the Autumn treesΒ  in silhouette.DSCF3505

Going back in time byΒ an hour, when there was just sufficient light to see the fall foliage in colors, the view was somewhat different.

The views of fall foliage with the city as background were just enticing. What a difference an hour made!

57 thoughts on “Seoul – Before and After Dark

  1. Nice Travel Blog. Was in Korea as a ex-patriot in 1987 for a bit. Found the country and people to be wonderful. It is a place most wouldn’t consider a tourist destination. (I did specify S Korea, didn’t I?) Great images. Hope you continue safe/happy journey into retirement. πŸ™‚

    • I also have a post about North Korea. Problem in Korea is that English is not so widely used, even in restaurants. many thanks for your blessing and kind words πŸ™‚

    • The two photos were taken almost at the same location, I have slightly offset the angle so that the bottom one also shows the red foliage. Regards, Michael

  2. Michael, thanks for liking my post on my blog “Lets Go Singapore Malaysia”. I really enjoy reading your blog and the beautiful photos.

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