Abandoned House (2)

There are quite a few houses in the rural areas of the New Territories in Hong Kong which are abandoned.

In the last several decades, some people have abandoned their farm houses in response to the rapid urbanization of the city areas –  younger people have gone to the city where they could find jobs more readily.

Others have left to emigrate overseas, leaving their houses unattended.CIMG2454

My first post on abandoned house showed banyan tree roots all over the walls of the house. This one has a lot of vine climbing up the walls. The red timber door and Chinese style tiles remind us of a different era.

Abandoned houses are always intriguing as they pose the question why they were abandoned!

64 thoughts on “Abandoned House (2)

    • These houses are situated in areas with no access; they are usually farm houses, people have abandoned them as there are no more markets for locally produced plant products (maybe except organic ones). Thank you 🙂

  1. Korea has several abandoned villages too. I visited one. It was intriguing, eiry, fascinating, and a bit sad all at the same time. The villages are decrepit and falling apart. I hope that the govt will try to save and preserve the villages because they’re some of the only places where you can see homes built in the traditional style.

  2. Nice picture. I think of abandoned houses as former homes. Though now deteriorating and cold, they were once well – kept and warm. Places where laughter was heard, tears were wiped, stomachs were fed, and memories were made. I see and wonder what memories were made within their walls.

    • Hi Steven, it is true that houses are not just houses but are homes as well. I heard of a song by Peter Paul and Mary, name of song is House as well – the lyrics is similar to what you have described . It also mentions the laughters of children within the house – but then the house gone up for sale. Thank you 🙂

  3. Interesting! I love exploring abandoned houses around Malaysia. I hope to make it to HK soon and I’ll check them out.

  4. Tomorrow I am going to take a look around in a ghost town in the south of Hawaii that was mostly abandoned due to a lava flow in 1990. If I see anything special I can let ya know!

  5. there’s sadness in the photo because of what it is now. but still, you can see its beauty and maybe some beautiful memroies left behind.

  6. Isolated, abandoned buildings have always intrigued me. I suppose the untold stories are part of the fascination. Many years ago I thought I’d start photographing them, but for some reason or other I always seem to be in too big a hurry, the traffic is too heavy, or some other reason not to stop. If only… I would have a fantastic collection by now. But I still have many images in my mind’s eye. So I urge you to keep on taking the pictures.

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