Abandoned Village School

In face of urbanization and competition from supply of farm produce and fishes from mainland China, in the last several decades, some farmers and families in the rural areas of Hong Kong have left their homes.CIMG2843

As a result of people moving out, some village schools in the rural areas have similarly been abandoned and deserted.CIMG2840

In our walks in the northern part of the New Territories in Hong Kong, we have come across not only abandoned homes but also abandoned schools such  as the one shown here.CIMG2842

This school must have been abandoned for many years. There are no more doors and glass windows; although the building structure is still intact.

The architecture belongs to another era; the architectural details like the use of arches and earthenware balustrade also remind us this building comes from a different era.

While there, we seemed to have stepped back in time  and could visualize  what  the school was like when it was full of pupils and how teaching was conducted at the time.