Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Community.

Here we have two communities, one which is vanished and the other thriving. One is in the rural area which is near to the border with mainland China and the other near to the heart of the city on Hong Kong Island.CIMG2854A

I have passed this deserted village many a times.

In my previous posts,  I showed  several images of abandoned homes – actually, they are discrete homes in a village which still has some people living. But this farming village is basically deserted, despite the fact that they have the full provision of public utilities. One major problem is that they don’t have road access and far away from places of employment. Farming in small plots is no longer financially viable, so people left their homes and live in the city.

Hong Kong is well known to be a vertical city where the largest number of people live in apartments which are above 20 stories. It is a community which quickly adopts to changes.

The one  below shows a road cutting through the densely populated area on the Hong Kong island. To some readers, this is just incredible.DSCF3251

Historically, the road was probably a coastal road when it was built more than 10 decades ago. Reclamation of land from the sea took place on the right, making room for more taller buildings and the road was widened and realigned to straighten out, but now it is located in between rows and rows of highrises.DSCF3251A

I love playing around with photos. The bottom one is a pencil sketch of the same photo which I got by doing some post-processing.

With so many tiny details, it would be quite difficult to actually draw it out with a pencil- thanks to computer technology!