Weekly Photo Challenge: One (Island)

Time flies, a week’s gone and I have not completed my Weekly Photo Challenge : One.

Not just a week’s gone. . . . . . . .  another year has almost gone by!

I promise myself that this will be my last post on One.

There are many islands I like, the best one I like is the one island I saw on Langkawi ( which itself is an island), Malaysia.DSC_0361

This was at the golden hour of the day after the sun has just set ; the soft murmur of the gentle waves, along with the colorful reflection from the sea formed a perfect picture.DSC_0337

We strolled on the beach of Langkawi, this island is so close to the shore and the water was shallow that you can even wade to the island when the tide recedes.

As with Langkawi, Koh Samui in Thailand also have many beautiful or funny shaped islands.DSC_0661

This island looks like the James Bond island, standing out lonely in the azure blue waters. There is so much erosion in the tidal zone of the island, causing a necking of the island as if it were going to topple anytime!DSC_0037

This island is standing alone in the stormy waters of shore of Tojinbo, Japan. Alone, it has to battle the many on coming waves!DSCF0990

Finally, we have this breath taking view up the mountain above Dubrovnik, Croatia. From the top of the mountain, we can see the lonely green island, just off shore of Dubrovnik where Richard the Lion Heart landed and resided.

OK, I can now close this chapter on One. Thanks for bearing with me for the whole week on the same subject!