Travel Theme: Birds

This week’s travel theme from Ailsa’s blog ‘Where’s my backpack?’ is Birds.

As someone who like taking landscape photos, I do not have a lot of photos on birds.

However, I have some on flamingos.

You will be surprised that my flamingos are in Black and White.CIMG1101A

Also, they were not taken in the wild, but in a safari park – the Chime Long Safari Park in China.

Nevertheless, I think the B&W is equally interesting as the original color photo which is also included here for comparison.CIMG1101

70 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Birds

  1. So the original is gorgeous of course especially because the birds seem to fade from pink to pale from the background to the fore, however the black and white just has something about it….very creative.

  2. What stood out for me Michael straight away was the capturing of the variety of neck positions of the birds. I can almost feel their movement through your lens. Lovely shot in B and W or color.

    • I think you won’t mind looking at the color version for a longer while than the B&W which is interesting it may not keep attention for a long while. thank you!

  3. MIchael – you’ve done what skilled photographers like you can do. You’ve made me see something about flamingos that I hadn’t noticed before. I always notice the color first — and you’ve made me see that they are beautiful animals even without the color. It almost looks like something from a fairy tale.

    • Photographers won’t shoot birds of dull color; all birds in colors are supposed to be shown in original colors. I am just trying out to see how people respond if color birds with beautiful forms are shown as B&W. Thank you Susan for the comment!

    • One reason for turning the image into B&W is that the red color on the original was not red enough – the flamingo red is something I like too. Happy New Year to you!

  4. Hello Michael – both images are captivating, full of movement & detail.

    (As a photo enthusiast too, I am always interested in the technical side…what camera, lens, techniques, etc do you normally employ?)
    Many Thanks, Owen

    • Hi, when I travel overseas, I carry a Fuji X100 with me. Locally, I may use a very unsophisticated small Casio camera HX15 for taking photos. The lenses come with the camera – you may be surprised I don’t have any zooming capability with my Fuji camera with which I took many images. I only have access to a free online program Faststone for post processing. Thanks for the perusal 🙂

  5. Something about Flamingo’s makes me very nostalgic. They were a popular motif on 40’s and 50’s fabrics and decor, which is a design period I really love. I enjoyed the coloured photo more because for me, they’re too beautiful in colour to see in B&W.

  6. Thank you, Michael. The Fuji X100 is a widely applauded design, a pal down here uses one too.
    As you may see on my new blog page, after years of toting a film SLR camera, I have recently been using a compact Canon S90, which is unobtrusive for travel shooting. My latest post of the Mingsha Sand Dunes in NW China, was shot with a small Sony DSC-W100 compact.
    Hope you enjoy & would appreciate any comment from fellow photo enthusiasts! Cheers, Owen

    PS. Very much enjoyed your Autumn Foliage & Bridges posts (I work as an architect)..

    • Hi, architects usually have their own creative skills and character – they are interesting people to work with too. As you can see, I only have minimal photographic tools, I may acquire more in the future. Thanks for liking my posts. Regards, Michael

  7. You’re right, it’s surprising to see flamingos in B/W, but I really like that photo; I even prefer it a bit to the color version. Great job!

    • Hi, at first I was thinking of not including the color version – now that I have done that, readers can make a comparison. Many thanks for the comment!

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