111 comments on “Rocky Mountain – Mist and Snow

  1. love the mist on mountains! to be honest I prefer photos of mountains covered in mist rather than mountains with clear skies around them

  2. A trip to the mountains/national parks is a must for me, which ever country I visit, as it adds more depth into the trip, making it more meaningful. And best of all, we get to bring back amazing pictures as lifelong souvenir! The colors of nature peeking out from the mist brought the sceneries alive in these photos. Lovely! Thanks for sharing, Michael🙂

  3. autumn … always my season, even if i live it vicariously through others’ perspectives, thank you for sharing yours with me, Michael — your photos are always stunning, thank you for sharing them with us …

    • Many have expensive cameras too or rely heavily on post processing. Thanks for your kind words which really mean a lot to me! Regards, Michael

    • This cable car has an enclosed compartment. I am scared too by those two seaters open out to the environment, especially if it is over 50 feet above ground. Regards, Michael

  4. Absolutely breathtaking, as usual! There is something so hauntingly beautiful about mountains & mist. Perhaps it’s the softness & hardness , darkness & light – the opposing elements that makes them so mysterious? In any case, you have certainly captured the feeling!

  5. Beautiful shots!
    I went to Zhangjiajie last December and I couldn’t take a single picture capturing all the enchantment of that place… You did it great!

    • Hi Alyssa, nice to hear from you. In fact, I quite like taking photos that convey peace and serenity. Hope that you will drop by again. Regards, Michael

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