Travel Theme: Wood

Last Autumn, I found this Wood outside a café by the side of a busy road in Seoul, capital of South Korea.

It was a bit of strange to find this strangely shaped wood at such a location.DSCF3558

The picture was taken with the focus aimed at the wood, but the wood is nothing without the green foliage on the left and the red foliage ( out of focus) on the top.

DSCF2153As a comparison, the second image  is a tree stump that we came across in Inner Mongolia, China. It is said to be over 1,000 years old. Without any foliage as in the first picture to give it an artistic feel, with only a red wall as background, there is a lot less artistic quality in the picture.

42 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Wood

  1. Even though the Mongolian stump is lacking foliage it seems to hold a mystic great wisdom. It may sound silly, but such an ancient piece of nature has a personality all it’s own. I can sense it’s presence even through your photograph! Thanks for posting!

    • This Mongolian tree stump must have been treated with respect as it is inside a temple. Surely, many tourists like it and took their photo with the stump!

  2. Great photos. Seeing the fungi growing off the wood in the first picture reminded me that up here in the Pacific Northwest, there are artist who look for large ones, and paint scenes on them.

  3. Oh, you photographers! – always looking for the best angle! 😀 I can see that the first shot is lovely, Michael, and the second less imaginative; but the second has interest of its own by way of the specialness of the subject, no?

    • I am hearing more and more about liking the second one – I think I have to change my initial thinking. Although there is a lack of colors but the form and the history do seem interesting!

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