Trees at Kurobeko, Japan

As part of our “Alpine” travel to Mount Tateyama in Japan, we took a cable car from Daikanbo (2316m above sea level) to Kurobeko (1455m above sea level)Β and descended to somewhere near the Kurobeko reservoir.

We have a good stroll around the reservoir until we approached the dam.

There, we stopped briefly. The views around the reservoir was beautiful and I took a particular liking to the trees.DSC_0156A

It was almost winter, the only trees that still have leaves remaining have a striking yellowish golden color. They look great against a dark winter background of hills and rocks.

Don’t think they are ginkgo trees but they look stunning. There was a sharp contrast between the color of the leaves to the melancholy background.DSC_0159

Can’t resist photographing them. Filled with awe, I took some far way views with the snow-capped mountain and the colorful trees.

Also took some close-ups of the trees with the reservoir buildings as the background.DSC_0157

So, it was an odyssey to the mountains of Tateyama that one will never forget.

64 thoughts on “Trees at Kurobeko, Japan

  1. But you tell us nothing about those very strange ruined … edifices? above which the trees grow, Michael. Do you have any idea what they once were?

    • I mentioned reservoirs buildings in my text; but I am not sure – I am not sure even of the type/ name of the trees in my post; so I have deferred publishing this post for sometime. Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Glad to hear from you. I am just making the best use of my time in this new phase of life. I have a roof garden and am trying to re-arrange it. Thanks for the kind words!

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