Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

The subject of this week’s WPC is Object.

I know I am running late for this challenge as I have too many objects in mind.

I have chosen a lot of “objects” from my archive and couldn’t decide which ones to adopt.

I have been procrastinating to the very last minute as to which are the best “objects” to choose – indeed, many of the things in our photos can be classified as objects.

In the end, I have chosen two objects, the photos of which were taken in my trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

They were objects we encountered in our walk on the Dubrovnik walls; objects which reminded me of the past.DSCF0866A

The first one is that of a sewing machine; something which young people may not have seen before.DSCF0945A

The other  is an old radio which was still being used. It stood outside a shop and I could imagine that it had been standing out there for ages.

Both objects are objects of nostalgia, objects which  cast my mind back many decades!