Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

The subject of this week’s WPC is Object.

I know I am running late for this challenge as I have too many objects in mind.

I have chosen a lot of “objects” from my archive and couldn’t decide which ones to adopt.

I have been procrastinating to the very last minute as to which are the best “objects” to choose – indeed, many of the things in our photos can be classified as objects.

In the end, I have chosen two objects, the photos of which were taken in my trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

They were objects we encountered in our walk on the Dubrovnik walls; objects which reminded me of the past.DSCF0866A

The first one is that of a sewing machine; something which young people may not have seen before.DSCF0945A

The otherΒ  is an old radio which was still being used. It stood outside a shopΒ and I could imagine that it had been standing out there for ages.

Both objects are objects of nostalgia, objects which Β cast my mind back many decades!

62 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

  1. Several years ago a friend was getting rid of her grandmother’s sewing machine that is the same or similar to your object. I rescued it and it now sits upstairs and I wonder what I will eventually do with it.

    • The photo was taken inside a cafΓ© where they have a sewing machine by the window; I also used a narrow field of depth to give this effect. Regards, Michael

  2. Beautiful objects …. great finds, Michael. My grandma had a Singer sewing machine, very similar to this .. and still going strong, we don’t do machine that last so long anymore.

  3. The sewing machine resonates for me. My grandmother had one. It was operated by pumping a foot pedal that looked like a large iron grid. Thank you for your visits to my blog. I am enjoying your work as well.

    • My mom had that as well, in those days, sewing needed a lot of co-ordination between foot work and those of the hands. Many thanks for the kind comment about my blog πŸ™‚

  4. Never seen that radio but that sewing machine is still in my store room. Sometimes it reminds me of that machine-gun sound I used hear all the time in my childhood while my mother used to sew something. Thanks for the pictures. Great choices sir.

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