Llanberis Pass in Wales, UK

This looks more like a geological picture for teaching about boulders or glazier erosion.

I have never thought of climbing the Snowdonia mountain in Wales, but on that rainy day in 1985, I did.

The picture was taken on the road when we were approaching the mountain site by car.28-12-2004 9-13-50 AM_0000

It was early Spring when we made our way up Snowdonia. Rain fell as we were laboring our way up the wet, narrow and steep mountain tracks.

After climbing halfway, my shoes were soaked with water and my feet were cold. Parts of the skin on my feet started to peel off.

The bad weather meant that I did not have many good pictures.

This photo brings back memories of an almost forgotten hiking.

27 thoughts on “Llanberis Pass in Wales, UK

    • Hi, I can’t remember the name of the path. We went up and then down to a lake – the panoramic view of the lake and mountain as backdrop was fantastic – I still keep some photos of it – although not of very good quality!

    • I was back there in 1997, as you said, it was overcrowded and I didn’t hike. O that rainy day in 1985, there was no one to be seen during our hike, except some mountain goats!

    • Hi Frank, thanks for the continued perusal and support. yes, travelling in Europe is quite different and I enjoy that too. I was hiking up the Snowdonia with two people who were used to hiking – to keep up with them was already a challenge!

    • Hi Del, hiking the Snowdonia was memorable. There was three of us, for most of the hike, we couldn’t see anybody, maybe because of the rain. Glad that I survived – at least to tell the story!

    • You were really lucky! I was there again in 1997, this time I was thinking of taking a tram (?) but the queue was very long, in the end, we didn’t get to Snowdonia. Regards, Michael

  1. Given the conditions it seems you may have wanted to forget this hike! I was born in Wales and have spent time there from time to time over the years so I can really relate to how wet and cold you must have been – hope you went to a warm pub afterwards.

    • It was a wonderful experience – we didn’t expect rain and soggy ground though. I was amazed by the sight of mountain goats while making my way up Snowdonia! We did end up in a warm pub 🙂

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