28 comments on “Llyn Llydaw in Wales, UK

    • Hi Rachel, I was thinking about that too. If readers like my last photo, they should also like this one – which has been retouched. 6 degrees is cold but temperatures will hopefully come back up again next week. Regards, Michael

  1. I went to Hong Kong one February and it was about 20 degrees. Hot for me, so I wore shorts and tshirts everywhere, but the locals were in their big winter coats! You’re right – it’s all relative.

    • Just a week ago, the maximum temperature was over twenty degrees and we thought winter is over. But the truth is that spring is still not arrive yet!

  2. 6C! Indeed you are blessed with warm weather. Britain is having a warm wet winter this year, contrary to last year’s blizzards, with floods across the south of England. Love the picture; it has a bleak and eerie charm to it🙂

  3. Took my daughter a couple of years ago to Mt Snowdon. Took the train up the mountain. Once we arrived the clouds had come down so not much to see. However, like God had wanted us to see the beauty, the clouds fell away and what a sight. WOW. lasted about 30 seconds, but you know what? That was the best view I have ever had. Love the blog. Keep up the great work.

    • Hi, went there twice but didn’t get up the mountain the second time as the queue for the train was too long. The sights up there were just heavenly.
      many thanks for your kind words!

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