Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Small Objects

Cee’s foto challenge is  Small Objects.

As I am not a fan of small objects and not yet into macro  photography, my archive on small subjects is limited.

This image was taken in Plover Cove , Hong Kong in the hot season when the region was frequented by typhoons (hurricanes ).CIMG1923

While taking photo of the island, sea and people boating in the area, I caught two dragonflies flying in the image. Dragonflies always appear before an impending typhoon.

Not only the dragonflies appear small, the sampan with two people boating and other boats in the area appear small as well.

28 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Small Objects

    • Think hatching of the dragonflies is related to low air pressures which is a sign of coming typhoons but not always so. From memory, it didn’t happen on that particular incident. Regards, Michael

  1. At first I thought they were helicopters way in the distance and I was going to say they look like dragonflies. Seeing as they are…now I can say they they look like helicopters way in the distance. Apart from my silliness, the photo is great, nice and moody.

    • The photo would appear better if the two dragonflies are clear of the hillside background. It is the first time that I got dragonflies flying in my photos. Glad that you like the image 🙂

    • Hi, the lens could be cheating. Objects near to the lens will appear large but those at a distance will appear small. I have another photo which shows just one dragon fly flying but appears much bigger!

  2. I thought the dragon flies were helicopters or planes! Very interesting effect. I guess I should’ve asked before if it’s alright to reblog your posts. I didn’t know the rules about reblogging. Sorry about that. Is it alright to reblog this one? Thanks Michael.

    • Hi, I don’t even know my blog is on Yahoo News! Is that right? Is it just this post or a link to the post? Will be interested to see what it is like. Regards, Michael

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