Umbrellas in the Desert

How to get away from the scorching heat in the desert? We saw this line of umbrellas in Resonant Sand desert, Inner Mongolia, China.DSCF2264 These umbrellas, which provided shades, Β lead us to the top of sand dunes where they have sand carvings. The umbrellas offer a spectacular sight, especially in B&W! They make the setting somewhat surreal.

100 thoughts on “Umbrellas in the Desert

  1. Are these umbrellas part of an art installation? They look like they they’ve been set there to draw the eye up to the top of the dune where you said there were sand carvings. I would love to see those. Very interesting photo.

  2. How nice it must have been to see these umbrellas in the desert! You must have felt a great astonishment mixed with great joy. I loved it!

  3. You sure are getting around, Michael! Yes, it is impressive to see these umbrellas! The heat must have been scorching hot. I know at the beach the sun can burn bare feet! ~Liz

  4. Very interesting. The closest I got to this area was in the Gobi Desert in the southern part of Mongolia back in 2007. Will post the photos when I get a chance on my blog.

  5. These little umbrellas marching across the desert appear to be leading off into never never land! Your composition of shapes, shadows, and lines create an excellent and somewhat comical photo. I imagine the practicality of being able to move them easily as the sands change is important, too.

  6. Dear Michael, I think you should write a book to tell these stories! These are very interesting, peculiar and very well told by you (as I mentioned in a another post yours)!

    • Hi Tania, I would love to write a book, at least an book, about my travels. Problem is Istill don’t have the time to do it and Idon’t know much about putting text and photos together. When I have overcome these two hurdles, Iwould be happy todo something . . . . . Maybe when I am getting too old and home ridden, I will do it. Right now please enjoy my posts. Many thanks indeed for your suggestion!

  7. Stops you getting sick

    Well technically if you own a umbrella you can still get sick. But having an umbrella does stop you from getting wet, which leads to you getting cold, a drop in body temperature can for me anyway trigger a slight cold or the sniffles. There is nothing worse than going to work with a slight cold, it makes the day just that much harder and that much stronger.

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