Colorful Umbrellas in the Desert

The line of white umbrellas leading to the sand carvings in the Resonant Sand Desert, Inner Mongolia in my previous post is surreal.

There were also some colored ones, located here and there in the desert.

I suppose they are more of an artistic installation.DSCF2247

A blue one standing on the top of a sand dune.DSCF2246

A yellow one almost lost among the similar color sand dune.

Sometimes, you can find them in pairs.CIMG2085

A red one together with a yellow one. Here, you can also find a few tourists wandering around in the desert. This give you some idea as to the scale of the thing.CIMG2072

In the last image, there is a line of umbrellas of different colors.

The color of the sand can become quite mundane, but I like the clouds as well as the colors of the umbrellas!