88 comments on “Inner Mongolia and ShanXi- Steppes, Desert, Grottoes and Hanging Temple

  1. That Haning Temple, Michael !!! – the Yugang Grottoes! – the tomb of Genghis Khan!
    What exciting travels you have had; and what visual memories of them …

  2. Beautiful pictures. I have been to Da Tong, and visited this Hanging Temple, and the magnificent Grottoes. The rivers was redirected and the huge trees were chopped off, resulting in the fall of the empire in this mining area. Good food in the town, “Lion’s Head” meat ball, and excellent steam boat, with chicken and soya I may visit Inner Mongolia this year.

  3. Mongolia is one place my husband has wanted to go. Not sure we’ll make it, so your blogs are especially interesting to us. Not only that, your pics are just like being there!!!

    • I was there late Summer, should have been there June or July, which I understand the steppes is green and beautiful. Wish you will visit it someday!

  4. You take some wonderful photos and, for someone who does not use English as a first language, you write really interesting words as well. Fascinating.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful and informative nugget of information. Genghis Khan is called Changez Khan in India, he left a massive footprint in northern India as well!

  6. Great post. I’d really like to visit Mongolia at some point. I’ve heard many great things about it, particularly the steppes.

  7. I wrote my comments twice but lost them . This will be my last attempt. I had been to these wonderful sites. Hanging .temple is the most impressive and a must go for those who have not been there. In Inner Mongolia, chances are you will see troops of horse riders. Most are Japanese young people who take the trip just to learn horse riding that Inner Mongolia is famous for.

    The yurts pix are nice, I have similarly ones from my friend. Couldn’t find the toilet pix. My friend said they are too smelly so he must have deleted them! I will most some of his inside yurts pix this weekend.

  8. Such an incredible adventure, thank you for sharing it. I especially liked the vast, open expanses of Inner Mongolia; I imagine the openness and freedom must feel awesome.

  9. Wow! What a trip – and what super photos… love the blue skies and sandy deserts. The buildings are amazing especially the ‘hanging’ temple. Travelling surely has to be the best way to learn history, Michael! I am always happy to see your variety of fabulous photos.

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