The Flowers, Stream and Animals Outside My Mongolian Yurt

Woke up early with the anticipation of seeing the sunrise.

There was no sunrise, so slipped out of the yurt for an early morning walk.DSCF2222

I was delighted by the flowers just outside the yurt. Not sure what those flowers were but they look photogenic.DSCF2225

Further along, there are also some white flowers and plant which captured my eye.DSCF2213

Wandering further out to the steppes, I was surprised to see a stream babbling along at this time of the year – everything looks so tranquil.DSCF2207

Then some camels came along. I guess we were doing the same thing – having an early morning walk.DSCF2210

I walked quietly towards them and took some photos.DSCF2216

Then came the Mongolian horses. . . . . . . . . .Β  and more horses.DSCF2217

By now, the stream seem to be getting busier.

I knew I had a perfect morning and I should be on my way back to the yurt and have a hearty breakfast!

74 thoughts on “The Flowers, Stream and Animals Outside My Mongolian Yurt

    • Hi, the cosmos may be planted but the chrysanthmums are wild. The yurts are on a platform supported by wheels, they could be moved around. Thank you πŸ™‚

    • I am sure that for tourists they have several classes of yurts and the ones we lived in was pretty basic. Living in it was an experience but I think I rather live at home!

  1. beautiful landscapes, is this now, isn’t there snow in mongolia now? I would have thought this would have been later in the year September? Anyway no matter, I love mongolia, the sky there is one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen, no light pollution, nothing for miles around, just camels and grass and horses. Oh and I think your flowers are wild chrysanthemums

  2. Michael, I always enjoy reading your posts and I admire your photography skills. I’ve always wanted to visit Mongolia and tread those seemingly endless steppes. I’m quite curious as to how you ended up in a yurt in the middle of nowhere. Are you on a tour, did you get lost, did you get abducted by aliens and get dropped here? What’s the back story? Best regards.

    • Hi Kongo, many thanks for writing to me. We were in a tour – which I posted recently – a tour to Inner Mongolia and Shanxi of China. Many thanks for the kind comment πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Michael, thank you for stopping by. What a lovely yurt! Like a fairytale village. I was in China in 1986. Only had a peek at inner Mongolia from the Great Wall. There was one camel in the parking lot for tourists to have their photo taken on. He or she was of the one hump variety – a dromedary? Probably very far from home. Hope you see the sun rise soon.

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