Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes (2)

I know showing three images of Trakai Castle for this week’s challenge Threes is not enough, so here is another one:

We waited in the steppes of Inner Mongolia, China.

The scene was unmistakably Inner Mongolia – we have a line of yurts, some horsemen, a couple of horses and also a couple of motorcycles.DSCF2192

The modern age nomads seem to have taken a liking to motor cycles than horses.

We were waiting for the arrival of the wrestlers who would give us a brief performance of wrestling.

Several wrestlers came on to the scene and two of them started wrestling.DSCF2195

While this was a show, they were quite serious about it too.

At first, it was quite difficult to figure out who was going to win the match.DSCF2196

After several minutes of wrestling, we realize the big fellow was winning.

The performance came to an end with the thinner wrestler thrown onto the ground.

What a match!