Zen and the Lotus Flower

DSC_0589B” From within the lotus flower grows, up through the mud and the muck bypassing all that threatens to taint its emerging beauty and glory. Then it springs forth without spot or stain opening to the world around it to become a new light. This is the lotus flower and it comes from within you, it is the flower of the Buddha, your inner Buddha.”

Venerable Retsuzen Shikata 2011

46 thoughts on “Zen and the Lotus Flower

  1. I liked the photo! I liked a lot the comments accompanying the photo. I’ve been to India and saw lotus flowers and felt the Zen atmosphere there. Enjoyed it all!

    • 英译周敦颐的《爱莲说,
      My Chinese has been given back to the teacher,! I remember your quote but not sure about its origin, so I googled and confirmed that 愛蓬說was written by 周敦頤. 桃淵明was mentioned in that prose. 桃淵明loves 菊花, not lotus. I also used a Buddhist quote when I wrote that post:

      Which came first! As the Chinese literature was written in 1063!, and Buddhism began around 5 th century BC, it may mean that the Chinese scholar was influenced by Buddhism. I also quoted Buddhist saying because there are many quotes available in English!

      Interesting subject!



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    • Hi Denise, thanks for the research. You are right, TaoYuenMing did not write that poem – a poem which I studied in the lower forms of secondary school which was decades ago. I am also not sure whether the Buddha quote or the poem come first. I just love the purity of the lotus. Have a great weekend!

  2. muck is very necessary for growth, as it has all the nutrients of the dead plants of the past. Very zen, hey?

    • Many pictures show the lotus, the leaves as almost perfect – my picture here is more realistic – it shows fallen petal, beads of water and even holes in the leave!

  3. I love the quote and I love lotus flowers. They have so much indepth meaning and amazed at how they close at night and open up again in the morning!

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