Weekly Photo Challenge : Perspective

This week’s photo challenge is Perspective.

We get different perspective of the same object if it is viewed from different angles, different light condition, different background, through different framing.  In photography, the same object may have different perspective if the degree of exposure, contrast, colors, zooming etc. are adjusted.

Here is an image taken in Angkor Wat, Cambodia while looking up a long flight of steep steps. It is also a truncated view of the whole temple. From this perspective, there is no way to know how big or high is the temple, how the steps are related to the whole temple and to the surrounding.DSC_0179

The next image shows the front view in its entirety and how the temple relates to the surrounding. However, from this perspective, we still don’t know what the side view is like, we have no idea as to the dimensions or scale of the sides of the temple.DSC_0177

The third image was taken to show the side view, it enables the reader to have a 3D appreciation as to what the temple is like instead of just giving a partial or truncated view.DSC_0178

However, pictures are not taken just to show what the reality is like.  We need pictures to show what is interesting, to show what was on the photographer’s mind and what he wants to portray.

Hope you concur with my perspective of Perspective!