We bought a lot of orchids of different colors, sizes, patterns for the Chinese New Year.

Now the festive season has gone and the orchids, after blooming for a couple of months, have all withered.

In replacement, we bought some white ones.Orchids

These flowers have extra large petals.

They are just so lovely!

54 thoughts on “Orchids

  1. Lovely is quite the understatement, Michael … I’m sure the photos reveal only a little of these orchids beauty. It sounds like your New Year festivities were beautiful as well as vibrant!

    I enjoy following your blog with your outstanding photos and thoughtful descriptions. It’s a pleasure. Best wishes for continuing success n this new year!

    • Hi, I also show part of the flowers, I should have taken some of the other orchids during Chinese new Year when we have plenty of them. Many thanks for liking my posts and the kind comment!

  2. Since I gorw orchids as my hobby I loved this photos very much. I have over 40 of them many of which I have cultivated from cuttings. I suppose that is why I always have a few blooming their beautiful flowers. They are a fascinating plant to grow.

  3. Lovely; I cannot grow anything like this so have to enjoy other’s green thumbs!
    I just went to an orchid show this past week. I had not planned on attending so did not bring my camera, but my phone did an awesome job of some closeups. These will be the object of this weeks photo challenge.

  4. The petals of this orchid seem so soft that I’ve been wanting to move my hand on them. That your good posting! Michael: Always wonderful all your posts!

  5. I just love orchids! There is something so sensuously beautiful about them, their colours and shapes and yes they last a long time and so I
    get to really appreciate them in a way I am unable to with other flowers… thanks : ) Trees

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