Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This week’s challenge is Inside.

Many of the images we saw for Angkor Wat, Cambodia┬ápertains to the outside, outside of the temples – the Buddha faces, the ruins, the giant tree roots etc.

The interior of the temples is also interesting, if not more so. However, as the interior of the temples is usually dark, and therefore not very suitable for picture taking.DSC_0283

This image is taken inside the temple.

Have not done any research to find out what this bell shaped structure is. Have seen a multitude of stone bells at Borobudur UNESCO site, Indonesia. They are more finely sculptured, perforated with holes in them as well. These stupas housed 72 Buddhas at several levels.

However, at Angkor Wat, this bell is not perforated. Does it enclose anything inside?

It looks intriguing, does it?