28 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. This is another topic of my interest. In fact before my blogging days, I posted a few articles on stupas in different places, Mongolia, Bhutan, etc , on a semi private shutterfly site. Let me dig them out and share with you all. The one I took a picture in Cambodia was a stupa outside the Royal Palace in Phom penh, but not the one in your post. Your question why it was not perferated? I think most stupas are not perferated, but their shapes may be a bit different place by place. The sizes are also different. I will post about stupa this weekend. Stay tuned.

    By the way, there are many blog posts on WordPress about this topic also. One had exactly the same picture as yours but it is clearer…..perhaps the photographer has a more expensive camera,hee hee!

    • Hi friendlytm, I was thinking of doing a post showing several photos of the temple interior – was too lazy and just chose the Stupa. Would look forward to perusing your post!

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