Foggy Morning

Spring has finally arrived but the weather is still unsettled.

We have warm weather for the last few days, however, a cold front is approaching.CIMG3852

Woke up this morning, opened the window and found this wonderful view.

It was foggy and the mist have hidden much of the hill which I normally saw.CIMG3850

Seems that I don’t have to go on a trip to get a misty view!

32 thoughts on “Foggy Morning

  1. Seasonal transitions are always full of interesting clouds and lighting. Yesterday, there was hoar frost at a higher altitude, so I went for a drive just to shoot pics of the beautiful frost patterns everywhere. Today, it was warm and the snow was melting. Can’t wait to see spring get here, too….

  2. I miss the fog. I grew up in the Bay Area and used to love to watch it roll in evenings and roll out in the morning. It seems mysterious and beautiful and peaceful to me! Great photo!

    • Hi, when I first posted this morning, I only uploaded the top image. Then I quickly realised that for completeness that I should also upload the other image. I have therefor updated my post. Am glad that I have done that!

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