Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (the Sea Cave )

Everything seem to be relative : the good vs the bad, fast vs slow,  beautiful vs ugly and, of course, inside ve outside.DSC_0179

For my last two posts on this challenge, the objects ( the Stupa inside a temple in Angkor Wat and the bats inside a dark cave) were taken completely insideDSC_0180.

One would appreciate more about the “inside” if one can also visualize the “outside”.DSC_0181

Here is a series of pictures which I have taken as we moved towards a sea cave in Langkawi from the outside to the inside and finally, out on the other side where you can see light again.DSC_0182

Inside the cave, we didn’t see much as there was darkness all over the place. One can only see part of the inside with our portable touches.DSC_0184

The transition from light to darkness and back to light again, after seeing all the beautiful rocks in the cave, are depicted in my pictures.DSC_0185

Having gone through the cave, we were delighted in seeing the mangroves and the sunlight again.

Please enjoy 🙂

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