Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection (at Liu Shui Heung Reservoir)

There are places in Hong Kong which don’t really seem to be part of this city as it is so green, tranquil . These are places far from the busy city which even locals may not be too familiar with.

One such place is the Liu Shui Heung raw water reservoir in the northern part of the New Territories, Hong Kong.

It is so green and lush that few people would readily identify it to be part of the territory.

There is a good walk around the reservoir – this walk is one of my favourites .CIMG2910

Not only the reservoir with its reflection is beautiful, as you go around the reservoir, there are many quiet corners  where you find peace. They are also ideal places for meditation or taking photos.CIMG2912

Unlike a big lake where wind may create ripples, this reservoir has many corners where the water is almost stagnant and calm.

These are the places where you can find perfect reflections.CIMG1836

I like reflection of trees in the tranquil waters, this reservoir have quite a few of these views to offer.CIMG1827

The views are truly beautiful even if you zoom in or zoom out.CIMG1829

Some reflections in the waters just show shades of green.CIMG1826

However, for some of these reflections, you can see the individual cluster of leaves, which makes the image looks even more attractive.

This reservoir has lots to offer; walking round it is just refreshing !