Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Live (at Annecy, France)


We thought we have arrived at a toy land like place when we stepped out of our car upon arrival.  The houses are variously painted in pastel colors on both sides of a waterway running through the medieval town.DSCF1102

It really is just like Venice, with charming buildings that rise straight up from the waterways and lovely cobbled winding streets that wind their way through the ancient city.DSCF1060

Annecy is not only a particularly lovely town in the south of France. In the centre of the town on a the narrow streets are filled with markets and stalls selling antiques and other fripperies. The scent of freshly baked pizza and pastries wafts through the air as you wind your way through the labyrinthian shopping  I particularly like this stall selling cheese, wine and ham.DSCF1056

Everywhere you go, you will see shoppers, who filled all the space between stalls.DSCF1078


Annecy is pretty enough to wander around with its waterways and the backdrop of snow capped mountains in the distance.DSCF1032DSCF1082

You get a really lovely feel for what the city must have been like centuries ago, despite the modernities around you.DSCF1084

There is so much street live in Annecy – this is one of the elements which keeps Annecy alive!


Travel Theme: Pink and Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection (of Flamingos)

I like looking at reflections of birds in tranquil waters – that was the reason for posting my first entry for the challenge with images of little white egrets in the water.

As one who likes landscape, I couldn’t help to post my second entry with reflection of trees in still water.CIMG1102AJPG

The only reason for posting this one is because I like looking at reflection of flamingos in the water.

Glad to share; hope you like it 🙂