The Clouds Outside My Window

For many a time, I just sat in my living room, gazing out of my window.

I am particularly intrigued by clouds.

This dramatic image was taken last Summer. It shows white clouds vs black clouds.CIMG1839

There seemed to be a tug of war between fine and rainy weather; sunlight and darkness, hope and despair or maybe even between good and evil.

Maybe I am just too imaginative . . . . . . . .  maybe, just maybe . . . . . . . . . . .

In the end, the white cloud will conquer.

34 thoughts on “The Clouds Outside My Window

  1. You can NEVER be too imaginative. We lose so much as we go from child to adult. We must nurture that curiosity and imagination of our child within. You have done a beautiful job of photography and using you creativity. Love that the white cloud wins…

  2. I especially love looking at the clouds outside of the airplanes. When the plane is landing/taking off and there’s a giant thunderstorm, the clouds light up with electricity and you’re suddenly in the middle of Mother Nature’s awesome wrath!

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