Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters ( more from Egypt)

Must admit this is not the best of photos.

The good response to my previous post prompted me to upload this photo as well.My beautiful picture

This photo was taken within a relatively dark temple in Egypt. The inscription on the wall is no longer sharp and clear after thousands of years.

I do not have the faintest idea what the details are about. Supposedly, the letters are there to explain a story.

I guess the second figure from the right maybe Osiris, the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead.

Wish there are Egyptologists among us who can enlightened the rest of us.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top ( of Roofs)

Still fascinated by what I saw on roof tops, be it in the West or in the East.

Time is running out for this week’s WPC challenge, but at least, I would like to share the follow examples.CIMG2799

Lions and dragons stand at the top of Chinese style pagoda roof in Xian Shan garden in Beijing.DSCF6306

A ship juts out from the top of the building in Chong Qing, overlooking the Yangtze River, with a mix of old and new underneath – old houses with tiles, contemporary bridge across the river and further away, high rises.

Statues and stained glass on top of churches in Dubrovnik.DSCF0767


A black cat on top of the conical roof in the Baltics.DSC_0194

Are they just fascinating?


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top (of Hong Kong Buildings)

It is amazing to see what is On Top.

This is what you find on top of Hong Kong residential high rises.CIMG3431

Grass, swimming pools of various sizes, water features, rest areas, trellis, planters with plants, sun bath chairs.

Also, fans for cooling water system etc.

On commercial high rises, there is a different view.CIMG3632

You have antennas and satellite dishes, devices for lifting gondolas for cleaning and maintenance of external walls etc.

For some of buildings, we cannot even see what is on top.CIMG3630




Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top ( Zhangzhejia, China)

My Avatar dreams have led me visiting Zhangzhejia in China where  a sea of stone columns just rise amazingly from the ground!

This, to me, looks like a general with a helmet on his head.DSC_0173

What is more amazing is that there are trees on top of the “helmet”!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top ( of Temple Roof, Inner Mongolia)

Sometimes we never know what are on top of roofs.

We discovered these on top of a temple roof in Huhot, Inner Mongolia.CIMG1965

Up to now, we still don’t quite know what they are.

A more detailed view is also given.CIMG1964

The cylindrical golden thing on top of the roof is definitely not a water tank.

It is also surprising to see there is a skull like thing on top as well.

We can only surmise that they are related to religion / folklores in Inner Mongolia.

Zooming out, it can be seen how these objects are related to the overall roof and temple structure.DSCF2137

There is symmetry on both sides of the main structure. These objects are repeated on the other side.


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top (Angkor Wat)

This week’s WPC challenge is On Top.

Many tourists in Angkor Wat have the frightful experience when they found that they have to climb down the steep staircase after visiting the temples.

An example of the deep steps is shown on the photo.DSC_0109

All visitors stayed on the left hand side where blocks are placed to form half steps and a thin rope on the side are provided.

No one really dared to descend just on the steps as the risers of the steps are too high and the tread widths are very narrow, deteriorated and irregular.

One just wonders why they have provided steps like this when the temples were first constructed. Were they intentionally constructed like this so as to deter people from accessing the temple at the top??

There were other steep flights of steps in Angkor Wat. Rumor has it that one Australian female visitor has fallen down the steps and got killed. Their family, out of grief, donated a chain like hand rail to facilitate the decent of visitors.

On descending that flight of steps, my tatics was to reverse my body so my face was facing the steps ( instead of facing out, creating a feel of height), using both my hands to grip onto the upper treads as I descended cautiously. That worked well and my wife followed suite – while other visitors trembled!



Abandoned Fish Pond

You may be surprised to learn that there were fish ponds in Hong Kong, rearing fishes for sale locally.

But these fish ponds have now gone, due to the changing economy rendering them no longer price competitive.

These fish ponds were located in the North-Western part of the New Territories. The more commonly known one is Nam Sang Wai.CIMG0427

Nam Sang Wai is bounded by two tidal rivers. After abandonment, it becomes a wetland.CIMG0428

The photos are shown here as black and white – these give a stronger feel of abandonment.CIMG0429

Birds came here for the winters; nearby residents would come and leisurely spend their time here.CIMG0430

Within this area, there are abandoned houses too.

Some abandoned boats can also be seen.

In recent years, the Government has approved this area to be developed into a low density housing zone. This is met with much objection from the environmentalists; so far, no plans have yet been approved.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument (Staute of Liberty)

With Easter approaching, this week is quickly coming to a close.

Looking back, for this week’s WPC challenge, I have already posted on Monuments from Abu Simbel of Egypt, Saqarra of Egypt, Ephesus of Turkey, Stonehenge of UK and Hill of Crosses inLithuania.

I have also shortlisted other photos – monument of the sculptured shoes by the side of the river Danube in Budapest in memory of people who were shot into the river, the Aobaos of Inner Mongolia, the big Buddhas within the caves of YungGang in China etc.

Think I will leave these photos for later posting.017

To conclude this week’s WPC challenge, I would like to post a couple of images showing the monument for the Statute of Liberty in New York and New Jersey.015

Liberty forms the basis of our modern society – I would like to show these pictures which were taken less than a year after 911 when the Ellis Island and the statue were reopen.