Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Live (in the Baltics)

Have been impressed with the display of artistic talents on the street side while travelling through the Baltic countries.

For the first two photos taken, I notice that while the locals consider such display a usual part of their street life and therefore did not pay much attention. Tourist like me did find it interesting.DSC_0186

Here are two persons playing their musical instruments. People just walk passing by without paying much attention.DSC_0156

A painter was working on a  painting on the street side while displaying his other paintings. Again, he was alone at work, without many people paying any attention.

I am glad that I have come across these talented people displaying their talents. It took so much of the courage and patience to do this on the street.

Also shown below is a display of works of art in a busy street. This also gives life to the street. To me it seems that they have helped to decorate the street.DSC_0382

More commonly found are cafes lining both sides of cobbled street.DSC_0125

I was somewhat surprised to find that these roadside cafes commonly occupied the road areas ( not footpath areas) and that they have no permanent shelters.DSC_0001

These mean that the roads must originally wide enough for them to encroach and that the weather must be reasonably good if they are to be used.DSC_0054

All in all, the visit to the Baltics  was a wonderful experience.