Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Live (in Budapest)

We were walking back to our hotel after dinner.

It was dark. There were tourists like us walking on the main street which was on one side of the Danube river bank.DSCF0173

Once you turned into a side street, there is not much traffic or people at all.DSCF0083

There was basically no life outside the main tourist area. Maybe, all you see were cars parked on the both sides of deserted street.

We pondered for a while – should we just return to the hotel or abandon the side streets, just got back to the river bank and have one last look of the Buda side of the city?DSCF0088DSCF0087

The night view of Budapest was just amazing!

The view of suspension bridge crossing the Danube at night and the Buda side were just unforgettable.

We were glad that we turned back and have one last look!