Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (at Split, Croatia)

Think I can write on forever on this topic about Street Life.

The weather in Croatia is usually good, with lots of sunshine, which means we spent most of the time outdoors.DSCF0396

We were fortunate enough to visit Split while they have a festival. A sort of festival in which the residents of almost the whole town would come out and celebrate.

I particularly like the colorful balloons and the jovial atmosphere when the residents gathered together to celebrate.DSCF0405

Even during the night time, the people in Split were still celebrating, drinking, having concerts, fireworks – making the night a really memorable occasion.DSCF0426

It is quite common to see that the residents also enjoy having drinks and food in the open, cafes like this is a common place.DSCF0417

No visiting of a place is complete without visiting their market. I like locally made crafts and foods which were displayed.

There are so many narrow lanes and alleys in Split. It was a joy wandering around to have a good look at the place.DSCF0425

Here two people are sitting out in the alley, chatting.DSCF0437

Every town seems to have their own square. The town square in Split also have its charm and attracted quite a few tourists too.

Split really is a place where you not only see how people in other places live, it also is a place where you reflect on one’s way of living !

48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (at Split, Croatia)

  1. I love the picture of the alley most of all. The clean and clear lines of the walls on either side make you look up and then you see green leaves and beyond that, the blue sky.

  2. Your lovely photos remind me I need to renew my passport and book a flight to Europe. What a civilisation!

  3. Surely Croatia and the whole of that area was once under Roman rule …? – which is where the town squares would have originated …

  4. Last year I went on a Mediterranean cruise and one of the stops was Split. Of all the countries we visited, Croatia is the only one I would love to go back to. I was amazed at how clean the city was (other than the graffiti). I was also surprised with how affordable it was, of course that may have changed since they converted to the euro. Wonderful pictures.

    • This is also the country that I would like to go back to, maybe, also including Slovenia. I think prices are still affordable. have a great weekend!

  5. Beautiful entry … and gallery – the alley photo is my favorite pick. Just wonder what they are talking about. Gossip about everyone not present. *laughing.

  6. I thought your photo shoot was in Kota area, one of historical place in Jakarta, Indonesia, it’s just look similar. The building and the environment (i mean the sellers)

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