Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

This week’s photo challenge is Threshold.

I don’t pretend to know what actually is a threshold; although I have used this term many times on a technical aspect.

This must be one of the more difficult themes that the Challenger has set; because of that, there are not as manyΒ submissions as on other themes.

The following picture , taken in Dubrovnik, Croatia is my interpretation of Threshold – whatever this may mean.DSCF0923

The picture takes you through a gap then outward to the blue Adriatic Sea.

Please enjoy πŸ™‚

62 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

  1. I think those setting this ‘challenge’ had something more in mind than a doorway, Michael – although a doorway can indeed BE a threshhold …
    This is either some thing or some stage in your life that marks moving from one state of it to another: e.g., you are on the threshhold of your career at the point where you sit for your final University exams. Your are on the threshhold of a wonderful archeaological discovery when you decide to start digging over there … Am I being helpful or only confusing ?
    And you can be on the threshhold of a wonderful life when you carry your new bride across the doorway of your new home ! – so you see, it can be a real doorway.
    Yours could be the threshhold of adventure ! πŸ™‚

  2. I adore this photo. Regardless of what any dictionary may say, I relate a threshold to the image of a person who has just barely lifted one foot off of the ground, about to take a step into a new endeavor (or place), but who has not fully committed to placing that foot back to the ground in the new arena.

    • On the contrary, I think that as the photographer, you are on the threshold. By extension, so too is the viewer. You have created an emotion and an image. Though I don’t know what other entries you were up against, this one is more solid than you may think.

  3. Hi Michael. After having seen your many excellent posts for the “Weekly Photo Challenge” I am contemplating giving it a try too. Can you please tell me which site is hosting the challenge? Thank you!

  4. A great shot, that captures an aspect of “threshold”, if you hadn’t written it was taken in Croatia, I’d have thought of it as Greece. I love the natural framing the gateway makes of the scene beyond…it makes you want to step over the threshold and explore further….

  5. A beautiful photo with an invitation to enter and begin an adventure. Nice. Yes it was tough but I went literally with it- a real challenge.

  6. This is a wonderfully composed photo that just invites the viewer into it! In this case, a picture of a doorstep (a more common threshold) would have lacked the meaning and the power of what you captured here. Thresholds can be the prelude to life changing events but they need not be so. And what exactly is a threshold is certainly open to wide interpretation. Dawn is the threshold of a new day but who would begrudge the photographer who allowed the sun to poke over the horizon for a minute from calling that a photo of a threshold?

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