Street Scene at the Baltics

Have shared some images on Street LifeΒ in the Baltics in my previous post.

However, have forgotten this beautiful one.

The image was taken using an entry level DSLR camera.DSC_0168

I am surprised that it takes in so many details with clarity: the colored buildings with different types of architecture; the painting on the building in the middle; the flowers on the planters; the many umbrellas and chairs of the restaurants etc.

As one who comes from a city of mostly modern and high rise buildings, I just felt the scene is just fantastic!



58 thoughts on “Street Scene at the Baltics

    • I still can’t work out what exactly is the picture in the middle, but I like it very much – the image would not be attractive without the painting!

  1. Michael, an entry level DSLR is just as good as any more expensive crop sensor camera. They just have more buttons to push and settings to get confused over, as I’m sure you already know. It’s a really good photo.

    • It was a Nikon D40 with only 6 Mega Pixel – I’m sure that they may have stopped to produce such cameras with low resolution, but as you say, every camera can give good pictures!

    • I would be sad, if you just stopped post in here Michael. You bring so many beautiful photos and stories about places in our world, as I never have visited. I enjoy very much.

    • Hi Irene, I am running out of good pictures and ideas; at the same time, my other commitments are growing. I may scale down the number of postings in the future but would not quit! Many thanks for your kind concern πŸ™‚

  2. Such variety of architecture reminds me of beautiful Prague where in the old City you also get colour and a great variety of cafes and restaurants and seeing the famous clock makes the visit worthwhile, and the Mucha exhibition is fascinating. You have an excellent eye Michael for composition and you wouldn’t know this was an entry level camera.

    • The mural contrasts a lot with the adjacent colorful buildings. It’s good that the mural was not in sharp colors. Thanks for the insightful comment!

  3. Fascinating art on that middle building! We enjoy art on buildings especially in the industrial areas where the buildings could be drab and boring. There is ‘professional’ graffiti type art as contrasted with beautiful nature scenes on whole sides of buildings to enjoy. Always enjoy your photos!

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