42 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Misty ( on the YangTze River)

  1. Thank you for great photos. I was teaching my students about the rivers of the world and we learned about the Yangzte being the longest in Asia. Even though you may have been frustrated to not see more, they came in handy for this photo challenge😉

  2. Thanks for sharing about the famous river. Was it also very cool when you visited? Is the mineral line where the water level was at one time? The story of the Three Gorges Dam must be very interesting, too, with the displacement of many villages and historic sites.

    • Hi Liz, the line is the maximum submerged level. The water line was a lot lower down previously before the project and the gorges more stunning. The project is controversial, hope it doesn’t do much damage. Regards, Michael

  3. These are beautiful photos Michael! The dam is so interesting. I saw a documentary on it some years ago about how many villages were covered and people had to be moved. A major project all around. Great post!

  4. Oh what an experience to sail down this river! Very nice photos. The mist add an extra special effect.

  5. Wow, I have missed this challenge – I like images that is taken in mist and fog .. did myself only a months ago for the first time, really pleased with the outcome. The dam is my pick .. of this great gallery.

  6. The mist over the dam is so eerily beautiful. I zoomed in to see more detail and found the boats, which really gave me a sense of the scale of this incredible structure. Lovely photos.

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