Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument (Staute of Liberty)

With Easter approaching, this week is quickly coming to a close.

Looking back, for this week’s WPC challenge, I have already posted on Monuments from Abu Simbel of Egypt, Saqarra of Egypt, Ephesus of Turkey, Stonehenge of UK and Hill of Crosses inLithuania.

I have also shortlisted other photos – monument of the sculptured shoes by the side of the river Danube in Budapest in memory of people who were shot into the river, the Aobaos of Inner Mongolia, the big Buddhas within the caves of YungGang in China etc.

Think I will leave these photos for later posting.017

To conclude this week’s WPC challenge, I would like to post a couple of images showing the monument for the Statute of Liberty in New York and New Jersey.015

Liberty forms the basis of our modern society – I would like to show these pictures which were taken less than a year after 911 when the Ellis Island and the statue were reopen.