Abandoned Fish Pond

You may be surprised to learn that there were fish ponds in Hong Kong, rearing fishes for sale locally.

But these fish ponds have now gone, due to the changing economy rendering them no longer price competitive.

These fish ponds were located in the North-Western part of the New Territories. The more commonly known one is Nam Sang Wai.CIMG0427

Nam Sang Wai is bounded by two tidal rivers. After abandonment, it becomes a wetland.CIMG0428

The photos are shown here as black and white – these give a stronger feel of abandonment.CIMG0429

Birds came here for the winters; nearby residents would come and leisurely spend their time here.CIMG0430

Within this area, there are abandoned houses too.

Some abandoned boats can also be seen.

In recent years, the Government has approved this area to be developed into a low density housing zone. This is met with much objection from the environmentalists; so far, no plans have yet been approved.