Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top (Angkor Wat)

This week’s WPC challenge is On Top.

Many tourists in Angkor Wat have the frightful experience when they found that they have to climb down the steep staircase after visiting the temples.

An example of the deep steps is shown on the photo.DSC_0109

All visitors stayed on the left hand side where blocks are placed to form half steps and a thin rope on the side are provided.

No one really dared to descend just on the steps as the risers of the steps are too high and the tread widths are very narrow, deteriorated and irregular.

One just wonders why they have provided steps like this when the temples were first constructed. Were they intentionally constructed like this so as to deter people from accessing the temple at the top??

There were other steep flights of steps in Angkor Wat. Rumor has it that one Australian female visitor has fallen down the steps and got killed. Their family, out of grief, donated a chain like hand rail to facilitate the decent of visitors.

On descending that flight of steps, my tatics was to reverse my body so my face was facing the steps ( instead of facing out, creating a feel of height), using both my hands to grip onto the upper treads as I descended cautiously. That worked well and my wife followed suite – while other visitors trembled!