Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top ( of Temple Roof, Inner Mongolia)

Sometimes we never know what are on top of roofs.

We discovered these on top of a temple roof in Huhot, Inner Mongolia.CIMG1965

Up to now, we still don’t quite know what they are.

A more detailed view is also given.CIMG1964

The cylindrical golden thing on top of the roof is definitely not a water tank.

It is also surprising to see there is a skull like thing on top as well.

We can only surmise that they are related to religion / folklores in Inner Mongolia.

Zooming out, it can be seen how these objects are related to the overall roof and temple structure.DSCF2137

There is symmetry on both sides of the main structure. These objects are repeated on the other side.


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top ( of Temple Roof, Inner Mongolia)

  1. The thing on the left is a Mongolian symbol from the country of Outer Mongolia. (I happened to live in Mongolia for 26 months with the US Peace Corps) I can’t seem to recall the whole story, but it is a symbol of Ghengis Khan (whom the Mongols refer to as Chinggis) and is seen on the currency and usually seen in a grouping. Your photos are beautiful!

  2. Let me try this, and then we can still find an answer from experts. Inner Mongolia is a region that believes in Tibetan Buddhism. The golden round cylinder is like a prayer wheel. I found the largest prayer wheel last year when I visited Shangrila (Yunnan). Shangrila is also a place with tibetan Buddhism as the primary religion .

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