Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top ( of Roofs)

Still fascinated by what I saw on roof tops, be it in the West or in the East.

Time is running out for this week’s WPC challenge, but at least, I would like to share the follow examples.CIMG2799

Lions and dragons stand at the top of Chinese style pagoda roof in Xian Shan garden in Beijing.DSCF6306

A ship juts out from the top of the building in Chong Qing, overlooking the Yangtze River, with a mix of old and new underneath – old houses with tiles, contemporary bridge across the river and further away, high rises.

Statues and stained glass on top of churches in Dubrovnik.DSCF0767


A black cat on top of the conical roof in the Baltics.DSC_0194

Are they just fascinating?