A Word A Week Challenge: Water

This week’s Word is Water.

I like water in nature, be it waterfalls, lakes, seas, rivers, water features etc.

My posts have variously covered waterfalls and seas. What I would like to feature this time is running water.

These pictures were taken in JiuZhaiGou, China.064

There, I found myself surrounded everywhere by water ( I got the same feeling when I was in Plitvice Lakes in Croatia too).063

But this is different, water basically runs in a sheet like form, over vast areas.

The images look as if the whole area was inundated with water ( sorry to mention this, this may occur in areas during flooding, but here, the water is running like this all year round).

There is a sharp contrast between the  surrounding green trees and the water.

It was just amazing to look at the water!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters ( Beijing and elsewhere, China)

The main focus of my photo here is not on the letters by the sides of the entrance arch way to the GuangYin Temple within HongLou  in Beijing.

I was trying to photograph what was inside the entrance; but the words on either side of the archway caught my eyes.DSCF2576

The letters on the right hand side said ” Seeking the wisdom of the Buddha with a dedicated heart” while the left hand side letters said ” Equality prevails the whole world”.

I suppose the world would be a better place if everybody follow the teaching of the Buddha and treat each other equally ( same as how  we treat our self?)!

There are letters everywhere when you travel in China, some of these are shown below.DSCF2722DSCF6411DSC_0241DSC_0256DSCF2348DSCF2870

Hope you find them interesting!