A Word A Week Challenge: Water

This week’s Word is Water.

I like water in nature, be it waterfalls, lakes, seas, rivers, water features etc.

My posts have variously covered waterfalls and seas. What I would like to feature this time is running water.

These pictures were taken in JiuZhaiGou, China.064

There, I found myself surrounded everywhere by water ( I got the same feeling when I was in Plitvice Lakes in Croatia too).063

But this is different, water basically runs in a sheet like form, over vast areas.

The images look as if the whole area was inundated with water ( sorry to mention this, this may occur in areas during flooding, but here, the water is running like this all year round).

There is a sharp contrast between the  surrounding green trees and the water.

It was just amazing to look at the water!

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