200,000 Views, 6,600 Followers. . . . Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!!

28 months ago, when I started this blog, I have no idea what blogging is about.

I ventured into this, thinking I would have a lot of spare time in my retirement.

After 444 posts, 28 months, uploading a lot of my photos and my writings and, of course, with the support and encouragement of many blogger friends and readers throughout the world, I am grateful for the unexpected results.

What started out as something for killing time has become almost a daily ritual.

What started out as writing to oneself has become writings to people of like minds in over 120 countries.

With so many followers, I am becoming more concern as to whether they really like what I have posted.

It appears that my blogger friends and readers are more interested in my photos than my writings – I surmised that I should be spending more time to improve on the latter.

To show my gratitude, I am posting one of my better pictures taken in Abu Simbel, Egypt.My beautiful picture

There were some tourists entering into the temple. From this you would be able to guess at the size of the statutes – something some readers have expressed that they want to know.

Please enjoy!

Thanks again for those who have been stopping by my blog. Thanks especially to those who like my post and sent me comments 🙂